yan can cook, and judy can’t

@judytuna, check out yan can cook, and judy can't - Tuna - talkgroup. What shall we do with that discussion? :slight_smile:

Because it was a late talkgroup, and had few topics, but is something I want to actively discuss, I’ve moved over #foodstuffs. I hope future cooking topics will find a home there.

As for the topic in question, I’ll sit on it for a few days and ponder what ought be done to process it. One thing that occurs to me is split off two conversations from that topic:

  1. discussion of wok, starting at yan can cook, and judy can't - #3 by judytuna - Tuna - talkgroup
  2. discussion of freezing flour and other things, starting at yan can cook, and judy can't - #11 by judytuna - Tuna - talkgroup

Judy, are you okay with those splits? Let me know. :slight_smile:

And both of those are in v1 #foodstuffs. :slight_smile: I don’t think it existed when you started that topic, @judytuna.

Now what do we do?


I’m not really sure. I have a know what I’m going to do with topics in the maiki talkgroup that have no replies, I’ll just check the copy once more and commit it to a text archive somewhere. But I don’t know what to do about topics with replies, especially blogging things like this cooking log.

Low on my todo list is to figure out how to export a single topic with replies from Discourse. Pretty sure we can produce a one-liner that grabs a JSON representation of an entire topic. Then one has the whole thing, to do with whatever they want, such as importing into a different system, dropping in a static site generator, stashing a backup, whatevs.

Any ideas? :slight_smile: