Which Ryuutama Classes are the Moomins?

Continuing the discussion from Ryuutama, Natural Fantasy RPG (read-thru):

On our road trip I was describing to Clover the classes in Ryuutama, and after I described the first class we immediately thought of a Moomin character that matches, so decided to do all of them. Here are the ones we matched:

  • Snukin plays harmonica to inspire the others, knows all kinds of stuff, and leaves Moomin Valley each winter… a Minstrel!
  • Sniff has a fondness for small critters, and would sell your Aunt for a gold coin… a Merchant!
  • Little My is always watching from the shadows, and knows where the bodies are buried… a Hunter!
  • The Hemulen collects herbs and knows many esoteric things… a Healer!
  • Moominmamma is also good at healing and remedies, but is a steadfast fixture of the family… a Farmer!
  • The Snork (anime-version) is an inventor and problem-solver… an Artisan!
  • Moominpappa wears a top hat, is writing their memoirs, and has a favored blunderbuss… a Noble!

The Moomin novels are particularly well-suited to Ryuutama, since most of them involve an element of traveling and a journey… :slight_smile: