Where does the word "America" come from?

It started out as a simple query from Clover, “What does the word ‘America’ mean?”

It’s come up often, as we figure out how to refer to the people that lived here 10,000 years ago, and moving forward. Our study materials refer to all early people as “American Indians”, and even Clover (10 years old) is all like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

We tried out “Native Californians”, but given the origins of the name of California (we’ll get there soon, I promise!), I didn’t feel good about that. Ultimately I decided to just ask; if I can’t reach out to learn about folks and how they refer to themselves, what is the internet even for??!?

But that is also for a future (series) of topics. Today we will begin the journey of understanding the word, “America”. And we will begin at a natural signalling post for this knowledge…