Whatcha cooking, Susan?

I eat @susan’s food, like, all the time. If you do too, you may post photos and discuss Susan’s food in this topic. :slight_smile:

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Last night we had rice bowl with broccoli, kombucha, and tofu. :slight_smile:

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Miso also served but not pictured.


Here’s a shot of @susan’s oven when prepping for a rice bowl:

And then together in a bowl (with rice porridge):

Cooking that many veggies takes up a lot of room, I appreciate Susan’s efforts to make use of our kitchen space. :slight_smile:

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Here’s an action shot of @susan doing a thing to something (hey, does anyone know what I do when I sit at my laptop… nope!):

And when it came together on the plate, it was quite a feast:

Clover got some sliced turkey on theirs… because you are what you eat! :turkey:

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I remembered to take some pics of meals @susan prepared.

Pie and fruit for breakfast!

Several kinds of toast for breakfast! (You don’t get how great this is until it happens!)

Pizza with brusselsprouts! The toppings include sweet potato and fennel.

And finishing out the year (2020), faux-turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce! (@susan ensures we have the toppest, notchest sandwich materials! ^_^)

@susan made Snufkin hat cookies!

@susan was working through something… and made brownies!