Whatcha cooking, Susan?

I eat @susanmagnolia’s food, like, all the time. If you do too, you may post photos and discuss Susan’s food in this topic. :slight_smile:

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Last night we had rice bowl with broccoli, kombucha, and tofu. :slight_smile:

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Miso also served but not pictured.


Here’s a shot of @susanmagnolia’s oven when prepping for a rice bowl:

And then together in a bowl (with rice porridge):

Cooking that many veggies takes up a lot of room, I appreciate Susan’s efforts to make use of our kitchen space. :slight_smile:

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Here’s an action shot of @susanmagnolia doing a thing to something (hey, does anyone know what I do when I sit at my laptop… nope!):

And when it came together on the plate, it was quite a feast:

Clover got some sliced turkey on theirs… because you are what you eat! :turkey:

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I remembered to take some pics of meals @susanmagnolia prepared.

Pie and fruit for breakfast!

Several kinds of toast for breakfast! (You don’t get how great this is until it happens!)

Pizza with brusselsprouts! The toppings include sweet potato and fennel.

And finishing out the year (2020), faux-turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce! (@susanmagnolia ensures we have the toppest, notchest sandwich materials! ^_^)

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@susanmagnolia made Snufkin hat cookies!

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@susanmagnolia was working through something… and made brownies!

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We call these our “California” bowls, and they are amazing and one of my favorite things. :slight_smile:

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Here is a summer dinner @susanmagnolia made, with fancily sliced veggie sausage! There’s also cauliflower, basil, noodles, and some other stuff. :slight_smile:

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Last night I wanted to finish a bag of corn chips we’d gotten and were becoming stale. @susanmagnolia hooked me up with some cheese and poblano peppers. :slight_smile:

Served on a bamboo cutting board, it felt like a fancy cafe!

@susanmagnolia made “pancake-cake”! Pan-cakecake? Pan(cake)².

It was apparently too cool to photographed! :slight_smile:

Susan, what was this?

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I had seen people online cooking pancake batter in the oven and was excited to try it out. I have not had enough energy to stand at the stove and make pancakes and this seemed like a win.

I made the batter with 3 cups of flour so we’d have enough and added a bit of baking soda to keep them fluffy. I got out the parchment and different pans. The sheet pans seemed too large so I tried a springform cake pan. It cooked for way longer than I expected. The batter was quite thick in the pan I chose and so it cooked twice as long. However it came out delicious. The texture was perfect. I ate mine with jam and they were reminiscent of my favorite jam scones from the old SF MoMA cafe, which are more cakey than hard. Emma ate her piece with agave syrup. I would definitely make these again but maybe experiment with the bigger pans so the batter spreads out thinner, like a pancake. Then again I did create my favorite jam scones so maybe not.

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Noodles with lentils, broccoli, goat cheese and olive bread, bowl’d.

Veggie fish soup and cornbread!