Whatcha cooking, maiki?

This is my “whatcha cooking?” topic, where I show pics and random thoughts on my food, and you are able to mute it so you don’t have to see any of that nonsense! :slight_smile:

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Last month I realized I could make mini-curries! That is, using a store-bought brick, just a quarter of curry-brick and a potato, and leftover rice is my preferred lunch!

It helps @susanmagnolia collects cute eatware and we have great lighting at our table…

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Frozen corn and a dash of furikake and even a ramen brick is fancy!

It was better than not having those in it, and it was seriously not much longer to make…

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You might wonder, can store-bought curry go with red lentil leftovers?

Yes, yes it can (I was so full after that, just one big curry-carb!).

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Autumnal Sandwich!

When Clover and @susanmagnolia go abroad for holiday I think they worry for me. And well they should, I’m spoiled when Susan is here, with the meals and the food and such!

But anyhow, tonight, to hopefully relieve their worries, I’m having a modern “Southwestern US inspired meal”.

The drink, by the way: an old fashion, via spiced bourbon Susan left for me, in plain sight, and told me about it today!


This is the proper application of leftover curry to potato fries!

((OMG I was so full, that was a massive amount of curried potatoe!))


Ever wonder what happens if you switch flour types mid-way through prepping a loaf for the bread machine, while also forgetting an entire cup?

Me neither! But I found out!


It was fine to eat, it has a texture closer to biscuits, so I may be learning something about how those are made… :thinking:

I showed Clover what “beans on toast” was, and then we still had beans left over. So this breakfast I added eggs, goat cheese, toast, and veggie links. It was pretty good, and baked beans remain “the candy you put on savory foods!” :slight_smile:

Back in August I was experimenting with quarter-blocks of curry for single person dishes.

Thin-sliced potatoes and a splash of soy sauce and mirin, water and curry. On rice with furikake. :drooling_face:

Ah! This was my first post! Anyhow, more details included. :slight_smile:

I don’t really like photos of cooking eggs, but I thought this was a cool use of my iron skillet:

I bought some veggie burgers, something like “Thai-style chili-spiced whatever”, and it was mediocre (which is standard for the fare, I believe), so I added it to breakfast one morning. And because we had some left, I through in some frozen fries!

Then I stacked them all between slices of our baked bread (and a slice of cheese), and it was pretty good! Particularly, the fries seemed to pick up the seasoning from the veggie pattie, and turned out to be a great combo! :slight_smile:

Sometimes you bake great big fluffy loaves of bread!

And sometimes you bake a butt of bread!


Curry… :drooling_face:

Fries on veggies sausages on everything bagel… with a drop of bbq sauce.

I call it, “Ramen with fries and chips!”


Our friend makes us restorative chow mein, and we finished most of it, leaving a certain portion behind. Taking inspiration from the yakisoba sandwiches at Clover Bakery…

Chow mein on home bread, with bbq sauce and chips on side. :sunglasses:

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