Whatcha cooking, maiki?

This is my “whatcha cooking?” topic, where I show pics and random thoughts on my food, and you are able to mute it so you don’t have to see any of that nonsense! :slight_smile:

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Last month I realized I could make mini-curries! That is, using a store-bought brick, just a quarter of curry-brick and a potato, and leftover rice is my preferred lunch!

It helps @susan collects cute eatware and we have great lighting at our table…

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Frozen corn and a dash of furikake and even a ramen brick is fancy!

It was better than not having those in it, and it was seriously not much longer to make…

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You might wonder, can store-bought curry go with red lentil leftovers?

Yes, yes it can (I was so full after that, just one big curry-carb!).

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Autumnal Sandwich!