What is meaningful work?

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When I look at the word “meaning”… well, it’s hard to even discuss that, philosophically. But I want to be practical, and lay out what it means for me, and let others join in so we find out what each person needs.

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For me meaningful work would:

  • pay well enough that I am not dropping behind; most jobs, when all metrics are accounted for, do not pay enough
  • respectful of my person; will not ask unspoken expenditures on my body, or my life
  • not be “busy work”; I automate systems, I’m not good at busy work
  • have integrity; I prefer working with government agencies, academic institutions, and community-based orgs because they are aligned with my personal values, I don’t want to sell commercial waste for the rich
  • remote or within walking distance (which is larger for me than one would expect!); driving is an unhealthy activity for me, and after years of compromised connectivity my home network connection is finally stable
  • not necessarily be technology-based; I’m partial to working with a Parks department, or other ways to support my community

I’ll update this reply as I bump up against other barriers.

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