What client(s) do you recommend for XMPP on Linux laptop?

My little Ubuntu MATE laptop needs a XMPP client. What have people used that they like?

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Gajim (https://gajim.org/) is always fun, and has been active for a while now, and I connect to Snikket with it as well, it does all the text stuff really well. It is also great for administering a jabber server, because of extras other clients don’t include.

Dino (https://dino.im/) is pretty hot I hear, and I believe it just was or is about to be released with the ability to connect with A/V with mobile clients, meaning a desktop app to receive and make calls… very hot! :slight_smile:

I use flatpak for Gajim, with plugins: personal computing - #8 by maiki - maiki - talkgroup

I haven’t tried Dino because I don’t install software from a distro when it is under such active development. You should, though! :stuck_out_tongue: It has development packages, I see: Install package network:messaging:xmpp:dino / dino