What can I *not* do for you?

Continuing the discussion from :sunglasses: maiki, ethical technologist:

I could use help focusing this list. The list being things I can do for others. It is comprehensive. And I’ve long struggled to get to grips with how to present myself.

Today I’m building a complicated public survey for a city government, and planning a series of public surveys for another city government. Earlier this week I was configuring VOIP platforms. And I maintain secure, updated, accessible websites for lots of entities.


The problem is, I’m not even sure who I’m marketing to, so let’s start there. Because it isn’t a government worker, or a technology firm. I suppose my target audience are people unsure about technology, or how to solve their particularly difficult technology problem.

There are also “industry” angles. I know a lot of how various industries work, the quirks thereof. But none of them really grab me, so I’m not interested in pinning myself to a particular industry.

I suppose this equates to different pages explaining different things I do, so I may share them with individuals who need that specific information about me. And then taking those pages and publishing them into marketplaces where people will see them; I imagine this to be relevant to the service provided, ie if I’m doing on-premise PC support, I’d post info on Craigslist or a local site, not a WordPress freelance gig site. That sorta thing.

I’ll keep a log here to document the actual tasks I do, and see if a narrative emerges that I may split into chapters and publish as services pages…