Sometimes I have… problems. That’s a way to describe general difficulties in life, as a group. Problems. And problems are solved. Solutions are the answers to problems.

Nearly everyone I know uses the word troubleshoot, particularly in technical situations. As in, I will rarely hear a person say it to anyone aside from me, in meetings for instance. No one else “troubleshoots” in their dept., but that’s what we do in IT! But also lots of folks use the word! I’ve heard librarians use it to describe assisting my child in finding a book.



trouble +‎ shoot.
troubleshoot - Wiktionary

I’ve stopped saying, “pull the trigger”, ya know, when “executing” an action. I’ve generally de-militarized my vocabulary after learning so much from Silicon Valley meetings, but “troubleshoot” had, ahem, “flown under my radar” for a while.

Listen folks, I don’t want no trouble, and I’m not about to shoot none either. ^_~

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A word I am liking more and more is “distill”.

(chemistry, chemical engineering) The separation of more volatile parts of a substance from less volatile ones by evaporation and condensation.

Instead of “troubleshoot the problem” one could “distill the problem”. We evaporate the good bits away until we’re left with the issue!

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Nice! I’ll use that, for sure. I’m looking for “solutions”, distilling is the way to go. :slight_smile:

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