TNG gifs

Hey @tim and @judytuna! We have a funny collection of images and discussion related to “TNG gifs” at TNG gifs. - The Linkery - talkgroup.

It is the top topic of all time, if you check today: talkgroup

And because we are not deprecating v1.talkgroup, it makes TNG gifs the winner!


Okay, what do we do with it?

I could archive the whole thing, multimedia and all, and then we have a snapshot of our funny discussion. We could also restart it here in #media, or something similar. Probably both…


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Similar to How do I archive a web comic?, how do we archive images?

If we are going to continue doing this on v2, we should figure it out sooner than later, as there is perhaps an alternative that integrates with talkgroup. For instance, perhaps we have a picblog for Star Trek, in which case it becomes apparent what we should do.

On the other hand, I enjoy posting in forums that others can interact with, rather than a blog. Let say we create a site to store these images long term, with out commentary… how would we go about that? Do we save the entire thread together? Do images get their own metadata added, or is the conversation the interesting part of what happened at TNG gifs. - Mediaclub - talkgroup?

I’m exploring options to export a data format of a given topic in Discourse. But I actually like the manual process of moving knowledge into place, so I’m not sure it that is the best option for the task.


Here’s what I did:

  • First, I split off a discussion that has it’s own things going on, over to Star Trek, memes, a cry for help - Mediaclub - talkgroup
  • Then I copied all the media that was on talkgroup to a couple new topics that incorporate lessons learned:
  • Finally, to remove the original topic from the Top Topics list… I made it a personal message! So everyone who participated in the discussion still have access to it, if anything else needs to be done, while effectively removing it from the live web (for those with access, the URL remains the same!). :slight_smile:

@tim, there are a couple embeds that didn’t copy to our CDN and are thus expired links:

If you recall what those are, consider posting to Misc. TNG media. :sunglasses:

This makes me so happy.

I made a popular post. :tada:

Your moves in this topic make total sense and I support them.

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