The Slice TRPG

“The Slice” is a partially developed shared storytelling world, @tim and I have shared some details of it at The Slice (paracosm) - Mediaclub - talkgroup.

This topic is my ideation bucket for constructing a tabletalk roleplaying game from sub-systems that capture the narrative setting of the world.

Since thinking about TRPG design again while reading through Ryuutama (Ryuutama, Natural Fantasy RPG (read-thru)) I’m considering past settings I could use to hold a set of modular systems to produce a game instance. And The Slice is kinda surprisingly a good RPG setting, given it’s “points of light” scarcity of usable resources and platforms.

Build your own Platform!

One aspect I want to develop is a steading creation system, where players create their characters by weaving in their stories into the backstory of a platform, which in this world is an entire community. They range from a single family to a small village, and will have different options available to represent both resources available at that platform, and how the characters fit (or not) into the local society.

K-rad, powers and hallucinations

The world is abundant with Kartik Radiation (k-rad), allowing the platforms and ships to stay ever aloft, but it also affects people in various ways. For most folks symptoms express as mild nausea and headaches, and is normally not fatal. However, under certain conditions a person may be changed by their exposure, able to perceive information that others can not, including “ghosts, cloud monsters, whispering winds, and the occasional flashback”.

The Order is known to take a particular violent approach to the capture of all such persons, to the extent that most people in Amp (largest known platform, half a million people) don’t believe in their existence.

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