The Lawrence Hall of Science, a fieldtrip

This morning Clover and I located ourselves at the top of the world (accounting for localized conditions…). If you zoom in the image you’ll find The Campanile (where they store bells and tar pit fossils!), because we are at…

The Lawrence Hall of Science.

Here’s a one big room of activities, which includes a thing that I was way into and forgot to take more photos: there is a glowing orb in the middle of the photo; that is a projected globe, running programs that depict global… things! I saw:

  • A model of the salinity of the water… on the planet
  • Time-lapsed global map of COVID-19 deaths
  • Scaled footage showing the Hunga Tonga eruption from last week!
  • The surface of Saturn (and humorously no rings, as they would be floating around the orb!)

And some other models. It was very cool, I’d love to build presentations for such a device. :slight_smile:

In this room there were also microscope stations set up with bins of face masks made from various materials, to look at. Of course, we are pre-existing enthusiasts. :slight_smile:

So this is my favorite picture of the year!

We watched Dinosaurs in Antarctica, in 3D, and when we took a selfie the light from the mobile lit up our eyes. With the masks, we look particularly… peculiar.


If this image interests you (of… Clover warming their hands near some… ping pong balls…), then definitely watch the video!

Ya know, I don’t think anyone asked how it works, exactly. It’s one of those things where you just want to get in there and do it. I imagine the first person to observe this must have geeked out so hard! I mean… what is even happening there?!

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There were a lot of other things going on there as well, and I plan on going back and spending more time; we didn’t bring a lunch, just some snacks, and there are enough activities to definitely require a lunch. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s a kids’ place. I didn’t understand that, it’s a very cool kids’ science temple. And it is a temple, because it is a massive, strangely shaped building dedicated to a higher calling, and there are pews all over the place. Pews, all over the place.