The Bay Model

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Okay, let’s get into The Bay Model!

Our family went to The Bay Model on a charter school fieldtrip, though it is also free to visit anytime, so if you find yourself in Sausalito (but, why?), drop in and check it out! We were part of a guided tour, but I wandered off by myself and took photos, sometimes of the group far away, to show scale. :slight_smile:

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The Bay Model is built and maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who have their own castle emblem, which they even put in brick!

When I shared photos from the Autumn Lights Festival I was able to group them together based on location. As you’ll see for the Bay Model, that is a less useful grouping, as nearly every point inside the facility is both amazing and repetitive (the way going to the pool is amazing and repetitive… because it’s a big pool!).

Anyhow, that means we’ll go through it by “personal chronology”.


We are much larger than Godzilla!

Way off across the Pacific Ocean, you can make out the group I’m visiting with. Clover is wearing a white coat and a read hat, next to the guide with a white shirt and red vest! :slight_smile:

This facility seemed the kinda panaromic photos were made for, so I tried my hand at a couple.


Oh, I went out to the car for something and saw a person unfolding this cart, and they informed me it was very reliable and I took a photo.

Is it neat how they emulate all the rivers as well?

I didn’t get a good enough photo of this pamphlet on “Paddlecraft”, but the footer says “Gray Davis, Governor” and the color palate is tubular!

There were many, many placards and information boards to read, I gave up capturing them, it’s a whole thing you go to experience. But this one, in a portion explaining the location of the Bay Model and historical usage as a wartime shipyard, had this to say:

Trouble started when the Naval Architect married the Assistant Naval Architect’s secretary. Then the Marine Engineer married the Material Engineer’s secretary. Then the Assistant Naval Architect married the Marine Engineer’s secretary. Some say the Engineering Department ran better with the passing of the ‘Bachelors’ of Science.

Richard Grambow, Naval Architect


There’s so much going here, and it’s all pretty hilarious to me. :slight_smile:

Those are my photos from inside the Bay Model; we also walked around a bit and looked at, ya know, the Bay, but that’s all I have of the the Model. If you visit, wear layers, it’s chilly inside, and of course the Bay Area outside, so: layers.