🍜 Tapatío Ramen (cup)

I was at our local corner store when I spied something fascinating!

Tapatío cup ramen?!

This is wild, as this combines two of my favorite junk food things! For a couple of years as a teenager I lived with a Mexican American family; we put Tapatío sauce on everything… anything! I’m still discovering memories of stuff we put it on, it was great. :slight_smile:

Clover told me as I was taking this photo, “I was at a store, and they had socks with that Tapatío man on them.”


I can see why people would wear them, they are very pretty,


Pretty sure nature has taught me not to eat things that color…

Oh, it gets even more dangerous looking when prepared!

Unfortunately, Tapatío cup ramen was a miss. The noodles are actually subpar for cup ramen, which is hard to come back from, having undermined it’s own premise…

And I’m not saying cup ramen, um, “broth”, is anything more than a flavored medium to cook and hold your noodles in, but let’s think this out for Tapatío sauce: did they just give me dehydrated Tapatío sauce?! To reconstitute in the cup?

Yeah, you can kinda put it together that it either isn’t a good idea, isn’t going to be executed well, and probably both. In this case it was not done well, so…

I didn’t really get a nice Tapatío or a cup ramen experience. Which is certainly no great lost for the history of the world, but is kind of a bummer when you see that very attractive cup ramen on the shelf.

I give it: :cry:

On the other hand, I’m probably going to just buy some Tapatío sauce and add it to my own noodles.

Then I’ll be all: :drooling_face:

:ramen: :hot_pepper: :drooling_face: