Starting a podcast

I’m starting a podcast. It’s about talkgroup. The premise doesn’t really matter, I noticed there are gigs for podcasting (tech support, content creation, etc.), and soon I will accept such gigs. :slight_smile:

Okay, so I’m gonna start with a simple weekly episode, at the end of the week, where I go over talkgroup for that week. I’ll discuss changes happening, or content folks posted.

I would be nice to get this done on Fridays, so I have something to designate that day; I’ve noticed people kinda lose their minds on a cycle, and Fridays seem to be an indicator of when that’s about to occur. This will presumably keep me busy during that day…

Let’s see, what shall I need to continue:

  • talkgroup
  • thoughts
  • a recording mic
  • software to capture audio
  • software to prepare audio

This is Phase 1. I’m very aware of how podcasting works with feeds, and don’t particularly care, since I’ll be posting to #meta (it makes sense!).

Of course I intend to do interviews! And that will be Phase 2, where I get all networking in here.

Currently there are two versions of talkgroup, and I’ll cover both. This way we can have a podcast update for deprecation work on v1. :slight_smile:


So… I’m gonna try with my headset for taking call: Logitch UC Zone Wireless Plus. For years I’ve held back from picking up a Blue Yeti, because I’m not convinced I need a dedicated microphone. But maybe I’ll get into this and want to upgrade.

Pretty sure I’m gonna try to do it all with Audacity ( I’m not mixing anything (though I’d love to highlight media with audio from #media!) to start, so Zone Wireless and Audacity to get this podcast off the ground!

Anything else I’m missing?

Okay, time to do a test!

And here is the mentioned screenshot!

i, too, used Audacity to record a podcast! that was ten years ago! it was about league of legends! these were what i needed to get started:

  • i had no thoughts. other people had many thoughts. we used their thoughts.
  • (fluff) i made a very bad logo. will you make a logo?
  • (fluff) a friend made a jingle for our intro!
  • we gathered in Eudemonia around my 2008 mac and used its onboard mic.
  • we sometimes had guests call in over Skype, and simply… fed their sound out of the mac’s onboard speakers and back in through the onboard mic. =( it was pretty bad. “don’t do that” is as far as my advice goes, though. i still don’t know how to correctly route multiple streams of input.
  • we paid $19/mo for a podcast file hosting cloud service that pushed to places like itunes. i believe i exported them as .mp3 for upload. where will you host your sound files? edited: ah, on talkgroup itself!
  • you know much more about building sane rss feeds than i do! will you post about how you accomplish getting your podcast into the ears of listeners? maybe it is not syndicated on those closed gardens actually???
  • we shared and discussed episodes on reddit and teamliquid forums. you have talkgroup as a built-in place to do this!
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I am not doing a podcast at the moment.

The premise isn’t strong enough for me right now, but I am interested in producing more audio and incorporating it into talkgroup. Be on the listen! :slight_smile: