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Sonic will contact you within 7 days to confirm the date and time for your installation, which you can expect to be within 9-14 days from your order.

We need a landline phone, and while this is expensive, we might also get an internet connection from it as well. But we aren’t holding out for that, we need a phone so we can call medical providers, and that’s what we’re doing to survive. :slight_smile:

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Yesterday a person installed our modem. But it’s complicated, and not finished.

Basically, they needed to test all the lines:

  • Various copper pairs running from apartment to building terminal
  • From building to street box

The line coming into the building is fine, but we have an issue with our apartment’s lines: there is only a single good pair, but the service we’ve ordered requires two good pairs. I didn’t know the details of why that is, though I of course knew the its nature: it is ultimate reason we canceled Sonic a couple of years ago, our net connection degraded progressively, and no one ever came out to determine why.

It is with that in mind we are starting this journey anew, so that we can identify the issues and get them fixed. And in this case, it sounds like it will work… maybe.

The person here said they’d put in a ticket, and another person from AT&T would come “today or tomorrow” (this was around noon yesterday) to “clean out the lines”, which they didn’t know the details of, but assured me they did this all the time in apartments running copper.

Just after they left I can the following in an email from Sonic with the subject line, “Installation service on hold”:

We have been informed by AT&T that additional work is required to
complete your installation. We are investigating and will reach out to
provide an update as soon as possible.

That was a day ago, and I haven’t heard back yet. Hmmm.

But here’s the weird thing! Because they found the one good pair that stills runs inside the building, the network connection is technically less than broadband, but is still incredibly fast for us personally after years!!!

I’m posting this from home right now, and it hasn’t once timed out for me or logged me out, and that’s quite the improvement from our prior situation. And that means once they figure out the copper lines issue, it will be even more useful!?!1

That should happen within the next 12 months… but I wouldn’t bet on it.


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Yesterday we received a funny message:

I was able to get in contact with ATT today about your service install, they informed me that the second line was delivered today, 12/3. If it was not please respond to this email so we can escalate this with ATT and get your service delivered properly.

I responded:

Hi, thanks for following up with us. No, ATT did not contact us or deliver anything today. The modem is not showing broadband. Please escalate this with ATT. Thanks.


AT&T has told Sonic repeatedly that everything is fine on their end, causing Sonic to ask me to close the ticket for installation, prompting a call to get this handled.

After getting off the call and explaining it I think another support person sent me a message, so I wrote it up for them as well:

Here are the speed results: Speedtest Custom - Test your internet speeds

When the tech was here on Nov 29 they only hooked up a single copper pair, and upon plugging in the modem said another tech from AT&T would come to clean the line, find a second copper pair and attach it to the port in the wall. The modem they provided shows the broadband light as red. No other technician has entered my apartment, where the copper pair would need to be connected.

What are the expected speed results for this service?

No response on there, but I did get a follow-up from my call:

I contacted AT&T and was able to schedule a dispatch for tomorrow, 12/7 from 12-4. Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

So hey, that’s movement. :slight_smile:

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Today a technician from AT&T came out and hooked up the second copper line. It involved accessing the satellite trunk in the garage, so I learned a lot about how this building is wired.

Our network speed didn’t change, but now we have redundancy, and more importantly the second line is strong at each segment, whereas most of the cables coming into our apartment do not run all the way to the garage; the wires were cut in apartments earlier in the line from us… it’s wild how these older buildings were wired.

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