Signs are all around us… but the ones I really love are the ones made by humans to somehow communicate with people across space and time… and I take pictures of those and share them here (you should, too!). :slight_smile:

I love this sign (found in downtown Sausalito), because it makes me think these are three separate concerns:

  1. Do no tempt thieves; dress unattractively, avoid eye contact!
  2. Do not leave valuables in view; they will quickly be covered in bees!
  3. Lock you car; we have roaming gangs of unlocked cars!

At a bus stop in Chinatown (Oakland).

How I read it:

You may:

  • Record surveillance footage

You may not:

  • Race on skates
  • Use poor posture while creating murals
  • Arrange hover cubes outside their designated containment unit
  • Eat sliders
  • Put flammable surfaces near USB drives

Bold design, AC Transit! :clap:

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That’s kinda weird, ne? Like, normally signs say what a class of people are to do. But… I don’t think they are inviting the public to hang video cameras at that location, given the icon is of a hanging camera:

So it means the sign could be read that it enumerates all things AC Transit will and won’t do… which I guess is kind of a relief. If they were going around littering hyper cubes all over the place outside their containment unit, someone would probably complain.


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Did that sign just diagnose me? OMFG… did it give me cancer?!

Here’s an interesting sign, given it’s purpose:

Wow, it even has a seal of approval from… someone! Let’s check it out:


So… HIPAA compliance for patient privacy is a sign that politely asks to respect privacy… interesting! Probably the best one can get from a sign…

So… is the cone full of nachos? Maybe it makes more sense with the… liquor.

Found while wondering in the redwoods… apparently near the country…


I love this sign, because the first thing I thought was, “things overhead on the wharf!”

Just sayin’, I’m sure those words have been uttered to some bored kids :slight_smile:

Up in the hills covered in redwoods, wandering in the forest, one might come upon this sign:

And it’s true! There is a volleyball court, just hanging out in the middle of the woods. Sand-covered and everything! Wow.

Where I waited after my booster shot…

…made funnier next to the “Storage” sign near the door! :slight_smile:

These kind of signs are great to inform me of where I do not want to live. That isn’t even a parody, though it really needs to be included in a video game or something.

By the way, do they pay someone to monitor their street? Or is it purely a hobby?


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“$color is the new $color” is kinda weird, as an overall phenomenon. I’m not sure I agree with the way folks play with color theory…

I appreciate the sign, though. Let people know what’s happening.

here’s the database entry for the even more generalized case!

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That’s a very cool website! I’m gonna play with those one day! :slight_smile:

I took this photo because I was surprised there were, um, Q amount of permit areas. Turns out there’s R! I mean, ahem, there are 17 permit areas (there is no “H” area, for some reason), A through R.

There is even a map (City of Oakland | Residential Parking Permit Zone Map)!

I believe they mean they are “part of” and not “apart of the Residential Program”… both could be true, we ought to fix that.

Also, that’s strange, ne? As in, Q is just a few blocks in Adam’s Point, and no where else. Why did they create so many tiny areas to give permits out?


That’s a cool sign that’s normally covered up with graffiti and gunk. It is cool because it lists all these amazing things that many folks in Oakland don’t know about!

Lakeside Park and Wildlife Refuge

Kids Kingdom Playground
Rotary Nature Center
Junior Center of Arts & Science
Lake Merritt Boating Center
Vegetable & Fruit Demonstration Garden
Bonsai & Suseki Garden
Show Gardens
Japanese Garden
Garden Center
Edoff Memorial Bandstand
Lawn Bowling Greens
Children’s Fairyland

All those places are within a couple of blocks of this sign! And this is timely, as I have a project that will be showing off those place, happening right now (but not quite ready to show off ^_^).

Oh yeah, go visit Lakeside Park in Oakland! It’s got all that stuff!

“HIGH TECH 1” :rofl:

The Paramount Theater is difficult to miss when going through Downtown Oakland. It has various characters acting out things, representing different stories and cultures.

Yesterday when Clover and I were waiting for a bus across the street we realized something else about the looming people making up and standing in the background: they are puppeteers!

And they are pulling the strings of all the “players”! Isn’t that interesting? It’s kinda understated, but is a neat (and kinda sinister) find. :slight_smile:

Before I really knew my genderqueer metrosexual identity, I just shorthanded, “macho plantain banana”.