Setting up a Pinephone Beta (Convergence)

A portable device that runs a decent OS is hard to come by, and I’ve barely gotten by scavenging old Pixel phones off Swappa and installing LineageOS. Only problem: those devices are designed to expire. The sound cards melt, the batteries melt, everything melts, and it’s all one bar of toxic electronics among a collection, all so I have a touchtone device to seek medical care… wow, when I started this paragraph I was really optimistic! Let’s get back into that space!


Okay, anyhow, I got a Pinephone! Beta! With Convergence! Let’s find out what that means!

I’ve had it for close to a week, just haven’t had time to address it, whatever it is. I really don’t know yet, how it works, which OS I’ll want to try, and there are many (PinePhone Software Releases - PINE64). But I do need a phone, like, yesterday, so we’re gonna dive right in and see what it ships with! :slight_smile:

I’ll upload photos when I’m done, so I can do it all at once. The “convergence package” featured more RAM and a dock to plug into the device and connect peripherals such as monitor and keyboard.

The papers that come with it are a README sheet explaining a whole bunch, and a user manual, and I believe the big takeaway is: remove the plastic strip between the battery and phone before turning it on.

Which brings me to my favorite feature of the device that I immediately loved: I can pop off the back cover! What’s it been, a decade?! So useful, and this case is actually really nice, it pops off easily, while fitting great while on. I recall splitting nails to open cases, back when we were allowed.

Okay, gonna turn it on and log in.

I’ll get into the Plasma Mobile OS in a bit, just wanted to say: I made a phone call successfully with it. And it was a call to schedule a vaccination, the first of which is in 30 minutes, so yay me. :slight_smile: