Project 1606 game mechanics

Using this topic to collect ideas for a new game I’m developing.

The basic game loop is to explore a procedural generated world composed of rooms. I have thoughts on challenges, but the primary purpose is to explore and change the generated world. Because it is a multiplayer web game.

There are 42 “levels” in the world, each level has an attribute that changes how it is procedurally produced.

I intend to use a card-based interface, with an action point system, while allowing sub-system interaction for passive multiplayer experiences. Meaning folks will not interact in real time ingame, but can leave things to interact with (including potentially adversarial interactions).

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The setting will have a parody setting and will present entities ingame as digital caricatures. As in, there is diegetic reason that all the characters in the game are two-dimensional being that exist in a virtual space and interact primarily by manipulating each others HP.

More than anything else, it is an approach to violence in games, while utilizing the HP trope as a game mechanic.