Profile/introductions talkgroup

I’d like to have a talkgroup where each topic is a profile of a talkgroup member. There is a feature in Discourse that allows linking to such a topic from a user’s profile. That’s great, because then I don’t have to add any other fields, stuff folks want to share will be in their post.

And of course folks can reply and talk and clarify details. In the description of the talkgroup we’ll explain it is all public info, please refrain from sharing details requiring privacy.

What would it be called? And slug?

I was thinking #introductions, as a new user funnel.

I need some content for a landing page at My plan is to work on it in public, and when it is good, I’ll publish it over there. To do so I needed this talkgroup to be active, so now it is.

And you may click on my usercard to see my feature topic!

Screenshot_2021-05-11 Latest topics - talkgroup