Previously... talkgroup proposal

I propose to host a “previously” talkgroup. Specifically, it is “Previously, on talkgroup…”, and will be the place we discuss previous versions of talkgroup.

This was my clever way to get metameta on the transfer of knowledge. We need a place to talk logistics about archiving or reusing the information we’ve gathered. But if we do that on v1, the feedback loop eats itself, and I want to move it forward.

“Previously” builds on our refutation exercise, while also giving us a space to celebrate our achievement as a social documentation community (even if none of you knew that’s what I’d call you now).

I’m open to having it be a shared space to process anything from a previous incarnation, because the actions I imagine us doing revolve around documentation analysis and decision-making, and it looks identical to how I do “knowledge gardening”. Sometimes I want to read a public domain work and take deep notes to figure out what to do with it… the same thing I’ll be doing for all the topics on v1.

The talkgroup would live at #previously.

One queue to check out: talkgroup

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