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@tim and I have a side project going, a game-type thing. We created a talkgroup at

Tim, that is a relatively small talkgroup, so we can decide in this topic what to do with the discussions.

If it makes sense, I’m fine creating a v2 Galaxy’s End talkgroup, but from how we actually used it, it may make more sense to tag content with galaxys-end and post to relevant talkgroups (ideation, “flavor” topics could go in #media, any technical discussions in #computing, etc.).

I think we have a solid idea, but are not in a physical space to act on it. I’m find moving it over here and letting it simmer. :slight_smile:

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This is how I’d like to do it.

Also, I brought it up because I fixed a nagging thing in my head about this… cannot wait to post.

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You are a go: Topics tagged galaxys-end


I made a task to go through the v1 talkgroup and move stuff over as needed. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll try to migrate things tonight if I have time.

I have lots to share about this.

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The v1.talkgroup for Galaxy’s End is archived, and may be deleted.

I moved three topics into Flavor and style of Galaxy's End, and did nothing with

In the space game assets topic I had only linked to a couple:

Moving forward I’d prefer to list assets I find in #media, such as with Observing the Star, allowing each asset to have it’s own discussion space.

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