Practicing math facts, with movement

Here are some kinetic activities to practice math facts I learned from a workshop packet. I’m not sure what age/grade levels these apply to, but at least for anyone learning multiplication facts.

Beach ball

A beach ball is made from six panels, so drawing an “equator” (perpendicular to the “longitudes” on the ball) you will create 12 sections. Number them 1 - 12.

Play catch.

When a person catches the ball, they check their thumb position and use those numbers to create a random addition or multiplication problems.

They answer with the complete number sentence including the sum or product. Then toss it to the next player.

Slap Math

Create a large poster with the products of 4 - 12 and hang it on the wall where the child may easily reach it.

They stand in front of it and slap the answers to questions called out. See how many slaps they can get in five minutes, and try to beat that record the next day.

Works with the sums of 5 - 20 as well.

Addition or Multiplication War

Remove face cards from a deck of standard playing cards. Divide cards evenly between 2 players. Decide to add or multiply.

Players reveal the top card of their deck at the same time. The first player to say the correct sum or product keeps both cards.

The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Clover and I have done this, and I need to remember to do it every day.

The way I play is waiting about three seconds before saying the answer. Clover really responds to winning right now, so I’ll keep it up. But if it seems to be getting boring I’ll reduce my delay, spice up the competition!