Online Resources for Kid-friendly Coloring Pages

As homeschoolers unable to visit our local library in person, it came time to get a printer for home use. We got an efficient, inexpensive black and white printer. Now we realize we can print out our own coloring sheets, just like they give out at the library!

This topic is to gather kid-safe web resources to glance for coloring sheets.

I need to visit the galleries of coloring pages with my kid, so they can choose a few to print out. But many websites are horrible, so let’s keep that in mind as we gather. :slight_smile:

The site isn’t horrendous, and they actually have a lot of stuff up there.

On the individual pages there is a print button, which I think adds the watermark in real time, so just view the image directly.

Kinda weird to include the Crayola watermark in color, for black and white documents…

A simple website with many pages, and glancing around they are decent quality. The print/download interaction seems reasonable.