October 2021

Continuing the discussion from September 2021:

I don’t have as many photos for October to share here, as I shared a lot of them already (check out https://v2.talkgroup.xyz/t/autumn-lights-festival-2021/). But we have a few to go… (and then I’m done with photos from 2021! Wow!).

There are a lot of features in the redwoods park we visit.

Including this beautiful tree that is difficult to capture the essence of color from with cameras… it feels like you’ve taken a walking path into a vivid painting of a field. It’s wild! But only at certain times. I believe the last time we visited there were no leaves on that tree at all!

Later that evening Clover started typing something on the computer. Since then Clover has typed up a few things, having worked on each piece from drafts to printed product. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a lot of dental work done in the last couple of years, so I’m trying to demystify the experience… through the use of self photography…

That is a nitrous oxide nozzle on my face, likely contributing to the smile…

I didn’t have a lot of photos from this month I hadn’t already shared, a side-effect of October always being a busy month for our family.

Here is a video of my new laptop screen… kinda… freaking me out. :slight_smile:

Hey, guess what?! I’m done with the backlog of photos that were stored on my mobile phone/camera! Yay! This device is seriously about to die, and I’m glad it took such nice photos. :slight_smile: