November 2020

Okay, so I’ve gotten so behind on processing media I created a routine to share it in a more timely fashion… and it’s worked! I just finished November 2021, and it turns out I have no December 2021 pics to share, as I’ve been sharing them contemporaneously!


But now I’ve got, um, older photos to process. And so I am going to start with… November, 2020. I wonder how it went! :slight_smile:

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I believe this is from the Paramount Theater in Oakland, the lights on the ceiling near the entrance on Broadway.

I took these photos from the cathedral complex near Lake Merritt.

Clover and I having fun while @susanmagnolia does something vital and important in the background. Check out that hand action!

I’m not fond of looking like this all the time, but occasionally I enjoy looking like a gaunt, hairy person…

It was around this time we set up Hugo last year! :slight_smile:

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One night we played dress up as Moomin characters… or maybe Clover as Moomin characters… it involved dress up!

Clover as Little My! C put that together by themselves, it was really something.

Then Clover mixed it up by busting out their harmonica! But before you guess who this character may be, just wait, there are more clues!

Ah! This is telling! They have a ring on their hat, and are… smoking a pipe!

The pipe was a bit of tape at the end of a color pencil! C is very resourceful.

Turns out this outfit belongs to the Joxter! We’ll leave it to readers to know that association. :slight_smile:


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At this point in the pandemic I was reading about the earliest human authors, mostly speculation. And then later, as we get statues of people, with contemporaneous reports indicating they looks very different.

Anyhow, I thought I might start taking historical snapshots of myself, so I could at least control that. pfft

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I pressed too hard, and Atlantic’d a tortilla.

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There is a large decorated tree set up in Jack London Square, at the end of Broadway. I caught some folks “heart”-ing it.

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