"Notifying" in Discourse, useful for these times

Lately I’ve been making use of the “notify” feature in Discourse.

These times we are in, amirite?

I like talking to folks asynchronously. I mean, I also like talking to folks in real time, preferably in person. But that isn’t working right now. For so. Many. Reasons. So async talking it is!

Using the “notify” feature queues the message to the person I’m notifying, and they are informed by how they have their account configured. By default it will set a notification reminder over your user icon, or email you if you haven’t been on the site recently.

Isn’t that neat? It means that folks will get an email about it, and can then decide when or if they need to respond, and if that doesn’t work they may customize it in their preferences! (BTW, we have a handy link to your and my preferences: https://v2.talkgroup.xyz/my/preferences :sunglasses: )

How do we notify folks?

At the bottom of each conversation there is a series of buttons for interacting with a message:

Using the “Share” button creates a modal with sharing options:

From there use the “Notify” button, and type in the user you’d like to notify:

You may add multiple people to the notify list, and then press the checkmark to send.

Of course you may also use the “invite” button on the modal to invite an email address to the site. I use this when I think someone would enjoy reading and discussing a particular topic. :slight_smile:

Try it out, it’s a basic feature of Discourse, so should work in most places. Using a given Discourse site should give you an indication of how “spammy” or not their email configuration is, so consider before inviting/notifying. :sunglasses: