Misc. TNG media

When we watch episodes of TNG we post episode-specific media in those topics. This is a catch-all for all the miscellaneous media, especially behind-the-scenes or promotional materials.

Here are some we curated elsewhere:

@tim and I are a fan of TNG Engineering stations…

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@tim found this, which started a fun conversation about “borgpaths” (Assimilated telepaths (borgpaths!) - maiki - talkgroup). :slight_smile:

So, I play Star Trek Timelines , and I find it to be a lot of fun. Towards the end game, you’re basically playing pokemon but with ST Characters.

Anyway, they occasionally release new crew, and some are non-canon variations. This new edition of Troi just came out a couple weeks ago, and I just looked at her ship ability…

It’s named I Sense Resistance, and that is soooo creepy. I love it.