Migrating Spot from Wordpress to Hugo

I actually started the Hugo experiment over 20 days ago, before the Eleventy experiment!

Code: GitHub - judytuna/spot-hugo: Wordpress to Hugo experiment for spottheoctop.us

Currently on Github Pages:

I had to fix just now:

  1. In the project settings, under Github Pages, set the source branch to gh-pages and leave it pointing at root. This is because I’m using peaceiris’ github action for hugo, which sticks the generated files on a separate branch so that it is A) checked in but B) not checked in on the main branch. my brain is slowly understanding how this is set up and why.

Open questions and things to fix:

  1. Why do I have to type /index.html at the end of the path? It just 404s (to Github Pages) if I hit the path by itself.
  2. Change the domain to be not example.com lol. Hopefully this fixes all the links
  3. Possibly add custom domain to be something like hugo.spottheoctopus.com i dont’ know
  4. Include images
  5. Are there tags?
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