Migrating Spot from Wordpress to Eleventy

I see " * Side-project development logs" in “About the computing talkgroup,” so here goes!

Code: GitHub - judytuna/spot-to-11ty

Screenshot of the Wordpress site, https://spottheoctop.us/ currently:

New 11ty site with no styling yet up at All Posts :

I’m using these tutorials:

Deployment flow, as I understand it (which is not completely):

  1. push to github
  2. triggers a github action, which follows eleventy-build.yml
  3. builds it to a docs folder somewhere on some linux server, i don’t know lol
  4. copies the docs folder over to my branch gh-pages
  5. adds a CNAME file to gh-pages
  6. serves root at gh-pages to my custom domain (i’m using spottheoctopus.com as my “staging” server for now)
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