meta process the meta awesome list

At the time I began, I went through the awesome lists at GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: 😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics. I also went through and mirror’d all the repos, at

Processing this is going to achieve several goals:

  • I’ll archive that entire list of comments as it’s own list, and stash it somewhere, probably a personal website
  • Turn off those mirrors; that method is not optimal for the set, so now I’ll go through and systematically turn them off
  • I’ll feed initial data into a new stats party I’m building, a tool for tracking “awesome” items, a set I’m much more interested in. :slight_smile:

I’m really happy with that initial experience, though I regret it was all snark. Hmmm, maybe not “regret”, but rather at the end of the day (today) I have a list of informed impressions of each item I read, as well as snarky comments, and only one of them currently exists in the world. If I’m gonna snark, I ought to snark on the side of usefulness. So I’m doing that.

The story behind this topic was to have folks vote for the sections and go through and have a cursory look at each list linked in the Awesome Awesome list (or whatever it is called…).

I took 20 headings (the maximum allowed for a Discourse poll) from the list and put them up for a vote, each person having 7 votes. Here’s how the order was chosen:

During the voting period I did the “Related” and “Miscellaneous” sections, the latter of which was very long, so when I process those comments it will be a large section.

This happened from July to December of 2019, and I believe there have been some efforts at standardizing the Awesome Lists, and therefore the meta list may have changed since I last delved in.

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This image makes me happy, and reminds me of a “org character sheet”. In a Fate game with too many skills, we are crushing it in Books, Decentralized Systems, and Gaming! :sunglasses:

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Interestingly, today’s list has only six Books lists:

The Software Quality list was converted to a Github wiki resource: Home · ligurio/software-quality-wiki Wiki · GitHub.

Decentralized Systems

I originally commented:

So basically Awesome Mastodon needs to move to the misc section, and we can drop this one completely.

And it’s true! “Decentralized Systems” should be “Blockchain (and Mastodon, lulz)”. And of course they’ve added five more blockchain lists since… :roll_eyes:



Programming Languages

Whoa! So many languages! Once day there will be as many programming languages as spoken languages, and then after that there will be spoken programming languages!


I used some fun graphics while gathering this section, which I will include here sans context for maximum effect

Oh yeah, I also had this fun thing I wrote, something for “AwesomeListWorld”:

End of Session

When you reach the end of a session answer these three questions as a group:

  • Did we learn something new and important about the lists?
  • Did we overcome a prejudice or popular understanding?
  • Did we uncover a memorable treasure?

For each “yes” answer everyone marks XP.

Development Environments

Front End Development

Computer Science

Let’s see which sciences use computers these days…

Well, “computer science” seems evenly split between “teach the machines to take over” and “teach the humans to teach the machines to take over”. Balanced?! :face_with_monocle:



And done. Did we learn anything? Besides they changed the commercial at the top of the meta-awesome list. :roll_eyes:




Big Data