May 2021

Continuing the discussion from April 2021:

There are long stretches where I don’t have any photos, I suppose I was busy in a way that didn’t make it apparent, or more likely my device was broken in some way.

Anyhow, we jump right into the end of the month, when Clover and I got Switch cases!

From an even earlier time, from the “before times”, @judytuna gifted Clover with intense sight. It was around May that Clover began to understand the full extent of what that meant…

I love their look in that last one! As if to say, “Whaaaaaaat?!”

Here’s another cool part: it comes with an attachment to easily take photos with a mobile!

You guessed it! We took microphotography! With the sole intention of having ya’ll guess what you are looking at!


I took micro and regular photos of the object we were looking at, so we could share and reveal. However, the ones from May are not that great, due to phone equipment issues. However however, we can just do it again! So we will! :slight_smile:

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