Mailgun WordPress plugin

I’m setting up a new WordPress site for web forms, and that means email receipts are useful and important. For delivery, I use the violently named Mailgun.

There are several plugins in the official WP repo that support Mailgun, but I’ve found that I need Mailgun to work in the background, across different email output options; often a given plugin will only deliver email for it’s feature (such as a newsletter), while I want all outgoing email to pass through Mailgun. Hence the plugin:

One note: I’ve never gotten the HTTP API working for Mailgun, in any context. However SMTP credentials always work, so that’s what I reach for. Well, not really… I actually tried to use the API again just now and it didn’t work, so I’m writing a note that I can just pick SMTP and move on. Saves 10 minutes. :slight_smile: