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This is where @maiki microblogs, a digital scratchpad. :notebook:

You (yes you) are encouraged to interact, argue, correct, emojify, or whatever, any message in this thread. It is for discussion, otherwise I would have kept it to myself. :slight_smile:

Be bold! We will split off conversations as they become interesting. :rocket:

Start your own! Just make a new topic in #journal, update it whenever. :sunglasses:

By the time I set up this new topic to continue in v2, I forgot the thing I was gonna post… :roll_eyes:

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Oh yeah! I was gonna say I like the new Firefox look. The thin icons work well for me, quite minimal.

I wish I were posting more than in just #journal, but everything is so manic, while also somehow static… gah, it’s very frustrating.

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As if housing applications weren’t bad enough on how invasive they are, it’s extra yuck when it asks for “head of household”. We collaborate! We don’t have a “head” person in our home.


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CGQ–Computer Generated Questions

Wikipedia has a link preview feature that shows a popup with article information when hovering over a link.

I enjoy it so much, I often think talkgroup is lagging or malfunctioning when a link I know links to Wikipedia doesn’t show the preview.


It seems to me that the interpretation of any story or myth will change, and possibly become inverted, along the timeline. We spend an awful amount of time presuming we understand our stories and myths, but not a lot for figuring out where we are in the timeline…

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Recently we went to look at an apartment, and I asked about the size of the bedrooms, as they appeared to be approximately the same size, which interested me, and I asked the person showing up about it. They said, “Yeah, they are about the same size, but I think the one with the larger closet is supposed to be the ‘master bedroom’”.

A few moments later Clover came up beside me and quietly said, “we won’t call it a master bedroom, because, you know…” and kinda rolled their eyes at the world.

Clover’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:

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There is a real thing that I just published, at Delivery Robot Information - Move San José, and it says…

Delivery Robot Information

Part of the Delivery Robot Pilot Effort


:robot: :woman_pilot:

{personal|public|corporate} computing

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Sufficiently advance contracts.

In the future technology becomes so ubiquitous, along with blockchain-based “contracts”, humans begin developing Faustian interfaces where technology and society meet.


  • draft cards
  • use cards to build a “dungeon”
  • other players send parties to the built dungeons
  • results are made, as logs
  • If no one “finishes” the dungeon, the creator wins points
  • If a party finishes a dungeon, they get loot

My primary issue with researching how to produce a website for my freelance business is that most advice sounds to me like, “make it pretty for the baby children who will visit your site, they get distracted easy!”

I should pay someone else to do this, but I can’t stand whoever else it would be…

I’ve been seeking structure my entire life. Hence my hobbies…

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 12-58-11 Your domains - Gandi net


For a couple of years I provided tech support to a community of Japanese college students. Their laptops and computers ran a Japanese version of Windows. They thought I was a wizard, having learned Japanese enough to help them with computers. The truth was weirder: I learned Windows well enough to support it in any language.


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“COVID-19: Delta Variant”, the badass name of the sequel no one wanted.

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