maiki on audio

Well, this is timely: the music player on my Pixel XL stopped working.

This is not surprising to me, I’ve had… six Google phones, most of which have run LineageOS, and it is always the same story, like a morbid analogy to how a human body can look fine on the outside even as the internal system begin shutting down… these things are not made to last (phones! Bodies are supposed to last longer than 2 years! Must be something like… 12 - 36 years, somewhere in that range, surely. After that, warranty is voided, I’m afraid. :grimacing:).

Okay, anyhow, here’s the deal: I just got the laptop I order about a year ago. So much has been awaiting this upgrade, including my music. As in, despite being on point with my personal computing cloud, I haven’t sorted the audio or sync’d up music. I have devices becoming non-functional around me constantly, what would be the point?

But now my hardware storage and reliability has reached a level where I begin a phase I’ve been eagerly awaiting… I’m going to share some thoughts on audio.