maiki introduction email templates

I’m developing various templates folks can use to introduce other folks to me. When I study my work history, most opportunities presented themselves as one person recommending me to someone. This is an attempt to make it easier for everyone involved, as well as get around some common hurdles to the process.

Here are some attributes each template will have:

  1. I’ll spell my name correctly; “maiki”
  2. Will refer to they/them
  3. Will provide clear next steps

I work in a few different fields, so I will create alternatives as I’m inspired. For now I’ll focus on a generic template…

Here are some presumptions for this to work.

The person is okay to work with

That means the work is helpful, and not destructive, and the people I’m meeting are safe to interact with. This seems like a big deal, but if you are familiar enough with me to send folks my way, you probably know what that means.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of industries and behaviors to avoid introducing to me:

  • environmentally suspect (irresponsible manufacturing, car culture)
  • violent (“defense” contractors, animal cruelty, hate groups)
  • hustling (“great new startups”, equity for trade, financial blockchain)
  • disorganized (running many companies, currently restructuring)
  • undecided (meaning they must be seeking technology services)

They can explain their project

Sometimes an introduction email is actually the introducer asking me for help over email, on behalf and representing the other party.

I provide that kind of support, I’m able to communicate a project over email. However, that isn’t an introduction email, so make sure to clear that with me before sending a group message.

After the introduction

After I receive the email I will reply all. Normally I thank you and inform the new person I will email them presently about their project; you are now done with the introduction. Nice!

If I can’t take on a new project due to prior commitments I will share as much with everyone, to provide situational awareness in finding a technologist; perhaps there are others to introduce.

If I won’t take on a new project due to a concern I will share it with you directly, and either clarify or have you follow-up that I am unavailable; again, perhaps there are others to introduce.

If you introduce someone to me and haven’t heard back in a few days check in with me one-on-one; there may have been a technical error or missed message.