Let's play a game of Ryuutama (but not quite! ^_^)

@tim and I are gonna play a game of Ryuutama, here on talkgroup! :slight_smile:

I suppose we’ll get started, and then others may join as they want.

Tim, you are running a game for your kids, so I’ll let you choose if you’d also like to run this game, if you want more experience, or to play as a Traveler. :slight_smile:

Once that’s decided, we’ll just run through the book, much of which is shorthanded at Ryuutama, Natural Fantasy RPG (read-thru). :partying_face:

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I would greatly enjoy playing as a Traveller, at least in the beginning. We could take turns on running adventures maybe??

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Okay @tim, let make you a character. We’re using Picnic Rules, and only the “basic” classes.

Tim, your character has been chosen by their community to represent it in the Perambulation of the Realm, a traditional journey taken on foot that is of cultural importance, as well as political (but they don’t bog you down with those details).

Please choose a Traveler class and we’ll go from there. :slight_smile:

@tim, here’s a way we can get @discobot to make a single message per roll… we add the two dice together, and roll a die that size, re-roll on ones. I haven’t checked all permutations, but I believe rolling a “single die” loses .5 on average, but we a re-roll on 1s and the simplicity, I think it works out. Whatcha think?

@discobot roll 1d14

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:game_die: 7

I am a Merchant, most definitely. A fighting merchant!

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Coolio! I think that means “Attack Type”, but to confirm, go ahead and choose the following:

  • Type
  • Ability Scores, and derived values (HP, etc.)
  • Mastered Weapon
  • Personal Item
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Definitely attack type. I will do the rest tonight!

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@tim and I decided to not play Ryuutama online. It lends itself to an in-person experience, and therefore we are lacking the activation energy to pick it up. I will see if Clover wants to give it a try. If so I’ll log it, I’m sure. Otherwise, we can just move on to something else. :slight_smile:

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