June 2021

Continuing the discussion from May 2021:

In June 2021 I took a lot more photos than the previous couple of months. After @susanmagnolia left to visit their mother I took more images of daily life to send along. And now I’ll share some of them here!

But to start…

Look at that cut! How ridiculous it is! And from a plastic box no less… :roll_eyes:

I’m always disturbed when I see wounds on myself in certain places, such as my wrists, jugular, and Achilles tendon. This is, of course, barely superficial. But growing up, watching and reading the various ways people get taken out, my mind has mapped these points as my personal weak points; areas that would be glowing if I were a giant boss encounter.

So you see a tiny scratch, I see a reminder that I too am mortal, and must ward against random murder hobos moving into my lands!

Once we came upon a firetruck… airing out?

Later that day I made a wild loaf that went all the up to the viewing window in the oven! It was a massive loaf of bread.

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Clover has a children’s library…

A mystery is revealed, we learn something new about the car… key?!

Brain freeze, or blocking an overhand strike?! ((Probably brain freeze…))

:ice_cube: :brain:

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One day we went to the hardware store with a short list: a new car fob battery and something to test where the water was coming from near the toilet.

This is a wall on a building on the stretch of Grand Avenue, before Ace Hardware.

Battery that tastes bad to babies: check!

Tablets that turn the water color: check!

I vocally supervised Clover as they used our toolkit to replace the battery in the car fob. :slight_smile:

And apparently we celebrated afterward!

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We were preparing to drive down to @susanmagnolia, so for a couple of days we sent a lot of good vibes ahead of us!

I don’t know the context, I think we were just doing dramatic play, but I love these expressions! :slight_smile:

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One day Clover and I drove from Oakland to El Segundo. Let’s see how that went!

This is the most “Central Valley California” photo I could take. It has it all: boundless land in all directions, voluminous clouds in the open sky, miles of manufacturing and storage designed to give humans their dopamine and sense of meaning.

Eventually we got to a point where a large truck and trailer tipped over across 4 lanes of traffic… and we were left in traffic for so long people lost their minds. They began speeding down the side of the highway so fast it shook our car from the gust, and then they would immediately need to skid to a halt as someone in front of them pulled out, either to do the same thing or to explicitly stop them from driving that way. The video I took without looking as we inched forward.

And of course we were within 50 miles of LA…

By the time we got into town a dizzying array of road construction detours took Clover and I a bit further than we meant to go.

But we made it okay. I think. I think we’re okay with that experience… :grimacing:

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I was walking down the street and found some boxes of wares.


These are pics of strategically placed googly eyes on our laundry hamper, so it may freak out while we drive it in the car! The blanket stuffed in it make it looks like a chef’s hat. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I work at the Gardens at Lake Merritt, and get to see these views!

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We have a board game we play occasionally, called “Dragoon”, and we played it in June. :slight_smile:

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Another one of those snapshots in time.

And that’s it for June, 2021. :slight_smile:

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