Journal talkgroup proposal

I enjoy Logs - talkgroup, it gives me a place to publicly blog about my day, and doesn’t get in the way otherwise.

We have a practice of dating the title of a daily entry, and others will sometimes jump on and give their own daily update. That’s a neat idea, and I’m thinking of automating it a bit, so the daily topic is generated, and folks can respond to it. That would be one use of the the journal talkgroup.

There are also the personal talkgroups, such as maiki - talkgroup and Tuna - talkgroup. I think in my case, most if not all of the topics in the maiki talkgroup are journal entries. And I know there are some topics in the Tuna talkgroup that work in a log/journal talkgroup.

It raises the questions: what are we going to do about those v1 talkgroups? And what will we do with this talkgroup when it is finished?

Well, I believe it will involve humans going through the topics and exporting them for archiving.

I don’t know what archiving means, really, but since I’m accountable, I’m just gonna move them somewhere nice for others to find and read. Like a nice, easy to read journal-blog site.

I also hope to not archive any content that ought not be, and by that I mean content folks want to not be archived. The best way to accomplish that is for folks to export their content to other systems and then removing the content from talkgroup (hopefully with redirects and notices for where it now lives).

We’ll go with that tentative plan: I will build some kind of journal archive, with a publicly available fossil (oh, I’m already figuring out how this works!), and when v1.logs and v1.maiki are processed, any remaining content will be migrated to the archive. And then I will do something similar with the proposed journal talkgroup. :slight_smile:


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@judytuna I wanted to point out there is a commandline tool that allows category export/import; at the very least we may export entire categories as a single JSON file. Images are on the CDN, but can be pulled down programmatically, I’m sure.

I believe you are the only user on talkgroup aside from me that would use it, hence the call-out. :slight_smile:

One thing I’m not gonna do is import my blog posts into Discourse any longer (for v2). That was, and remains as I finish it, a useful exercise for me personally, but it is weird to past date content in active forums. I want the Discourse part of talkgroup to operate similarly for everyone, including the admin with super cosmic powers.

After I’m done importing them into v1.talkgroup, I’ll use the proposed “previously” talkgroup (Previously... talkgroup proposal) to discuss the meta of migrating a giving topic/category, and in doing so will journal my refutations/observations, in this proposed journal talkgroup. :sunglasses:

I want two things:

  1. Topics that track a single thing, such as my health, when lightbulbs and toothbrushes get replaced, and UFO sightings.
  2. Daily check-ins and logs.

I keep thinking about how to set this up. There is a dailies tag at Topics tagged dailies, but it requires an extra step that’s easy to miss, so I don’t think that is the way. It could be that we just say: if a topic is a date (“May 29, 2021”) it is an open topic that any may reply to as a log of the day.

I thought I might create a script to create a daily topic, and then subscribe and journal by email… but that introduces dependencies that I may personally use a task list for, so no need to make that move.

I do like the idea of using this to email in, though. We could make a journaling group, and only allow those members to email in; this ensures folks go over the basics of emailing Discourse. Again, another idea for a group of engaged folks, not where we’re at, yet.

So to start, we’ll use the naming convention of “date as title”, and use our discretion and split/merge topics as needed. When there is confusion we’ll discuss to clarify.

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Created #journal and explained a bit at About the journal talkgroup.

I think a practice emerges… so I created a couple of logs in #journal, and they are named “Something log, maiki”, and explain at the top what they are for.

It makes sense to have discreet logs like this, because then you can follow the people you want without subscribing to the potential “firehose” of #journal. That’s great!

I means rather than a daily for each day, we get dailies per user wanting a daily log. :sunglasses:

I’ve run this talkgroup for long enough to know that I don’t want it to be a talkgroup. It is more of a personal blog type thing, meaning there are minimal opportunities for discussion, while possibly setting the tone for the site. That is to say: when people visit the site I don’t want the majority of the content be about my personal life, as that can be difficult to approach as an unknown person.

An agenda for talkgroup is to ever lower the bar for participation here.

Oh, yeah, so I’m “moving” #journal to another site (not set up yet). Probably slowly, and recorded via #previously . :slight_smile: