January 2021

Continuing the discussion from December 2020:

Okay, now I’m within a year of me… us… now. Anyhow, how did we start out the year?!

In bed, keeping warm and playing Animal Crossing!

We of course still make time for fika.

And such fine fika partners!

What tha?! I just looked up for a moment!

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An early year walk revealed this tome!

Left where old search paradigms go to retire…

Then I saw these two birds! How cool are they?!

OMFG, is that another Switch device?! This looks like it’s becoming a problem…

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During the month I bought several things and did stuff with them; mostly drink.

I live in the “East Bay”, and I like the design of the BART cards, largely replaced by the Clipper cards which have a more bland design… anyhow, regional beer!

Keep cold. Drink fresh. Go dumb. Responsibly.

I needed a device that could hold a charge and not cut my fingers… so I ordered a tablet and promptly installed LineageOS on it and it just works and is one of the most reliable devices I’ve ever had, so there’s that. :slight_smile:

This is a device we’ve now had for a year and I think it is useful: a lighter. But like, a versatile lighter, which includes an LED flashlight (useful for when you suddenly need candles because no electricity), and is rechargable over USB. We use candles a lot, and this device has reduced rubbish created from lighting them (matches, lighters, packaging).

Sometimes I go to the lake and relax… :slight_smile:

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And finally…

I don’t see that every day… I thought it would be a lot more… gushy.


And those were some photos from January… a year ago. :slight_smile: