Initial setup tasks log

Rather than flood #meta with tiny todos, I’ll log the initial setup here. I’m not going into a lot of detail, I’m waiting to discuss many decisions as a group.

New Discourse instances start in “bootstrap mode”:

To make launching your new site easier, you are in bootstrap mode. All new users will be granted trust level 1 and have daily email summary emails enabled. This will be automatically turned off when 50 users have joined.

I turn that off, because I don’t like everyone to opt-in.

Turned off the Uncategorized category. This is talkgroup, not talkvoid.

Removed default logos. Instead we get a site name and a little house icon, which loads very fast. :slight_smile:

Screenshot_2021-04-12 Initial setup tasks log - meta - talkgroup(1)

Before I invite folks over I’d like to have:

  • Reply-by-email in place
  • Uploads going to a bucket, served by a CDN
  • A glance over at settings

I ran through the settings. Whoo, there are a lot, and one of my goals with a future talkgroup is to document them, because I haven’t found an adequate guide.

Anyhow, after I was done I remembered I should also edit Welcome to talkgroup to be a bit more, hmmm, accurate. :thinking:

Okay, set that up, and I believe it is working, but I’ll actually need users to test it…

Moving on to… uploads!

I think I got uploads working, but let’s test…

Ah cool, it worked! I had to set up some buckets in Linode and a pull zone in KeyCDN, and then used the directions at Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones) - admins - Discourse Meta.

Okay… now that welcome message…

Okay, and the welcome message has been updated to the bare minimum required for me to invite folks over. :slight_smile: