How are we gonna play Switch together?

Hey folks, what’s the online gaming scene for the Switch like? I see all my friends playing (if they share their game status with friends), but most of the games are single player. Let’s round up all the multiplayer games that are fun, so folks know what’s on offer.

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Okay, I’ve got…

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Oh, this is a great game! If it works online well, we should totally play this! It is probably more than adequate for a Mario Kart, and Clover and I have loads of fun smashing racing dolls into each other and making awesome video vignettes of the action, omfg this game is a lot of fun, I’m gonna move this paragraph up above Animal Crossing…

Let’s play this!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

So, this isn’t a great game for me to play online, it’s more of a, “hey, come look what I did with my doll island!” And I’m totally down with that! But it takes a lot of effort on my part, unless I’m just showing up looking cool, and doing photo shoots all over your island!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I’ve barely unlocked any characters, because I’m intimidated by the feelings the theme song stir in me and the general casino-glitz of the interface. Pikachu-on-a-pogo-stick does that thing make me want to fight my own seizure, I’m so pumped!??!!!1!

What I want is to not ever take this serious and play online with you all and smash funny characters together and take screenshots but not videos because Nintendo sucks in this regard (you can’t take videos in SSBU).

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

This is a game that has an excellent Mancala simulator, and a bunch of other games. But I like Mancala.

I’ve only played this a bit online, but Clover and I use the Switch in tablet mode to play a lot of these games, because then you don’t have to set up the pieces oneself. Like, um, Reversi? Why would you play this game in real life? That is so much turning.

But what I did play online, it was great. I played like, 10 games of Mancala against other humans, while laying in bed. So relaxing! Actually, I should do that more often…

And those are the games I have with online play (Mario Party has like, online leaderboards or something, who cares). What games do you have and how do you feel about them? :slight_smile:

I haven’t checked it out, but I noticed an update to Mario Party that allows online play. Wha?! That’s cool, because I really like Mario Party, and would love to play it online with ya’ll!