Hiking shoes

@susan and I are planning to visit Año Nuevo State Park (Año Nuevo (California State Park)), to observe some elephant seals! Wow!

Unfortunately before we go (it’s a 3 or 4 mile hike!) I will need some hiking footwear. I’ve worn out my pull on shoes, accelerated by recent hiking among the redwoods, so I need two pairs of shoes actually, but hiking shoes are the harder to figure out, so that is the topic: where do I get hiking shoes from?

I’m size 13, to complicate matters. Also, for most of my life I’ve avoided hiking boots because as a kid all I had to wear was hiking boots; I wore them to school and kids tried to make fun of me but I didn’t mind at all (people making fun of me is kinda hilarious!), but they were awfully uncomfortable. Ugh.

So looking for recommendations for:

  • comfort level
  • sizing availability
  • shopping methods (I want to try them on before buying, ne?)
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Okay, got some shoes for hiking. Then I realized I need… socks. As in socks that are breathable, as my current cotton socks, while very comfortable and why I have them, don’t work as well on the trail.

Is there an ideal hiking sock? I imagine there is…

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