Health log, maiki

Okay, two things:

  1. Scheduling is becoming difficult: the first available spot coincides with my new patient appt at my new doctors office, so I can’t get around that, it’s potentially more important, and then the second time coincides with yet another important medical appt unrelated! But at least we are working it out over email, since I don’t have reception at home…
  2. I have a lot of reservations about nitrous oxide. Not it’s effectiveness! It’s rad. It’s that I grew up around loads of people all over America that would steal tanks of the stuff and get blitzed on it, and that strong association weighs on my mind when I think about requesting it for an operation. Even if that operation is a tooth extraction! What I mean is, it’s hard to be rational when it comes to pain. Whoo.

Okay, got a couple of dental appointments in Oct., one for deep cleaning + extraction, the next for deep cleaning (other side) + filling. And I’ve requested nitrous oxide for both. I think I have regular dental visits in my future, and I’d like them to be little lucid dreams to counter the horror stories of my memories.

I’ve got this! (And I’ve got @susan!) :grimacing:

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Welp, the first visit was rescheduled… tomorrow.


It’s better to get it over with, I’m sure.


And it’s over. This tooth extraction went fine, pain-free. And the nature of it means it didn’t require stitches.

The anxiety… I need to address that when I’m not anxious. It’s debilitating.


Slept fine, no ill side affects from the blod clot forming. I slept deeply most of the night, as I was very exhausted, and at 6AM it rained for five minutes. I wasn’t sure if I was very tired and imagining it… :slight_smile:



Yesterday was busy, starting with new classes for Clover (Daily log, maiki - #59 by maiki), and culminating in my “new patient” visit to my new medical provider.

So much is going on and I’ll expand on these as I process them, but there is a very detailed plan with lots of moving parts:

  1. I’ll be getting a CT scan for my abdomen and mid section, to check the “structure”
  2. I have a prescription for emergency antibiotics in case I have a recurrence, which is pretty awesome (and I hope I don’t need to use it)
  3. I’ll be getting blood samples taken for tests, which I may go into the clinic part during business hours and get done (this is a hospital, so they have all their own labs)
  4. Most importantly, I’m scheduling to see a urologist, in person. This was a contention with my last provider, I never even spoke with a urologist, but they were diagnosing me and prescribing me antibiotics…

Whoo, it’s tiring just thinking of all that stuff… oh, and I got a TDAP (tetanus vaccination). It was quite comprehensive.

The building itself is massive, and before I found where I was supposed to be I had visited 4 different clinics on three floors, though they were able to defer me to the correct clinic within 5 minutes; I know how a very good sense of layout for the building!


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I had that scheduled, but there was a misunderstanding and I need to get blood work done first. The blood work is done at an on-site lab at my provider’s clinic, I can go in anytime as a walk-in. However, I have literally not had any spare moment to do so.

Also… today I went in for a filling and instead had to have a root canal; the cavity was internal, and the blob on the x-ray was a lot deeper than thought.

Now I have three crowns to get, rather than two, and they are in a row, 29-31.

I’ve got to get on top of this scheduling, which will become easier in November… I hope.



Today I went to my medical provider’s lab to give blood for a full workup on me. It’s the first step of many…

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I’m feeling, um, hesitant. Like, I need external accountability, so I’m sharing that I need:

  • to schedule an appointment for a CT scan; was dependent on today’s blood tests
  • to schedule an appointment with a cognitive behavior specialist

When I have done these things I will update here, and until then you are invited to ask me how this is coming along (we have a field trip tomorrow, so I was going to wait until Thursday to make these appointments). :slight_smile:


I haven’t scheduled an appointment as of yet. Their phone line just rang and rang. I will try again tomorrow, and if that doesn’t work I’ll go onsite to make the appointment.

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Tried calling from both our phones, not going through. I’m feeling a bit tired today, so I may take a nap here, and then walk over to the hospital and make the appointments in person…

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My journey took me to some interesting places today… but I have two appointments made. :slight_smile:

Never underestimate the power of showing up.


Today is my new patient counseling meeting. Time to see what resources will be presented to me to use for healing and trauma-mitigation.

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Okay, very interesting stuff happened. So, it turns out that program wasn’t for me; it’s designed for substance abuse cases, so the services provided are not geared for what I’m looking for.

But it wasn’t a deadend! I was able to speak to a social worker that both gave me guidance on next steps for seeking care (Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist), but also had an impromptu session with me to check in, and I felt lighter afterward.

Overall I am making progress, through a system that is already over-burdened in the best of times, which these are not… :slight_smile:

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I’ve been logging our family is sick with a head cold, but I hadn’t updated this, my health log.


Anyhow, we are all in various levels of personal misery, but are getting through it somewhat. I had a fever dream a few nights ago, I think that was the extent of it for me, now just recovering from a sore/scratchy throat.

But it also means I haven’t called or looked up anyone. I have some work to keep me busy, and the rest of the time it’s savory liquids and games and/or Muppets (we’re watching the variety show [all of it!]).

But I’m looking forward to feeling up to talking on a phone, especially since we will have one (see, network and phone)! :slight_smile:

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This morning I went in for a CT scan of my mid section; it is to get a baseline read on my body, as I have no prior medical information recorded.

I was administered an iodine solution intravenously, and was then moved around inside this machine:

It was an interesting experience, especially when the main show happened and the machine’s powerful innards began swirling around with a heavy authority… I actually thought: are there any famous accidents or perhaps an origin story involving scanning machines?


I should hear back from my doctor perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Okay, now we look at my innards and then… a next thing happens.


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Well, hospital has contacted me to arrange the next appointment, so the process is… proceeding. :slight_smile:

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Today I went to Highland Hospital for two purposes:

  1. Drop off expired medications, and
  2. Schedule new patient appointment via Urology Referral

Here’s how it went:

Expired Meds (drop-off box near elevator bank in Health Pavilion Building)

Worth noting again: expired medications drop-off box near elevator bank in Health Pavilion Building.

I was sent to the Pharmacy a couple times to identify the location of the meds drop off kiosk (there is a needle drop-off as well). The hospital helpers (I should ask what they are called next time I’m in…) didn’t quite know where it was, but I figured it out and let them know. :slight_smile:

New patient referral urology appointment scheduling…

It’s kinda weird, but I’m in this strange process where I’m a new patient to the Urology Dept., and furthermore I’m being referred in a chain of referrals and processes… and I only visited three clinics this time (normally I get sent to four or more) before figuring it out!

Anyhow, I got the direct line to the person dealing with my referral, and a tip to use the hospital phones in the lobby to get it done immediately, so I called, and I was told nothing was available at the moment, to call back next week. Next week being very Christmas-y, I proposed calling back in January, to which they reveled that would be a good idea, as they have 600 referrals to get through

I told them I would call back in January and wished us both good luck.

But hey, I figured out where to drop off old pills…

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Got a call back from my doctors, all tests have come back normal, no issues to report. That is a relief, of sorts…

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In other news, Clover has flu-like symptoms, and many of the large family they just visited have tested positive for COVID.

We are self-quarantining until we figure out how to test, local Walgreens is out of testing.

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