Health log, maiki

Today I don’t feel any acute pain, but there is a lot of tightness on the right side of my torso, from my ribs down.

When I relax the muscles I feel the soreness in my groin. It’s ever present, which is why my muscles clinch up, a subconscious reaction I’m not even aware of until I find myself a bit out of breath and just clinching up for “no reason”.

Today trying to be mindful so I am breathing and feeling what’s happening.


Yesterday I was able to go to the gardens for a bit with Clover, but just barely; I felt the sensation of having to urinate, but was unable to for a long time. This kind of interference builds up over time.

This morning I feel fine, though a little tight in my lower right abdomen.


I’ve been fortunate to feel really great the last few days. Well, exhausted, but that’s from travel and such. This morning though the tightness is there.

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The tightness and pain is increasing, so I’m going to submit a renewal for anti-biotics today, and see about switching medical providers to someone that might have more resources to help me.

I’m worried. :weary:

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 13-09-38 MyChart - Medications


Been taking 800mg ibuprofen to manage pain, and recieved a call this morning from my medical provider office asking about the refill request. I explained this was the fourth round, and how the condition is happening again, and they said they’d fill the prescription. They are going to let someone know, because my doctor is not there.

I spoke with my doctor twice in Sept. 2020 on the phone, and since my case has been handled by others, whoever is available.

I haven’t heard anything about the prescription, so I’ll check tonight on it’s status (maybe I’ll just call the pharmacy…).

Call pharmacy and they have prescription in, so I’ll start that today. The robot voice said the name of the antibiotics really quick, I thought they said something else, had to call back to verify.

@susanmagnolia picked up my prescription, so I will begin it today. :weary: :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:

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The strangest part of starting antibiotics is feeling it activate in one’s body.

I now recall, this prescription makes me feel bodily tired. Like, not my mind, I just start to feel sluggish. It uses a lot of energy.

Medical provider called to let me know someone else will call to schedule a follow-up with my doctor, who has an opening in July.

So there’s that. They also said I could go to their urgent care to get tests run, which is a very different scenario than a few months ago, where I waited 4 hours to pee in a cup at a lab they sent me to… which is a good sign, I hope. Grand re-opening and all that.

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Feeling less sore and inflamed, but the antibiotics sap my physical energy. Swings and roundabouts.

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Yesterday I was taken out the whole day. Just a tightness around my testicle and my core clinching up and being short of breath. It was rough, and if I didn’t improve today I was going to go to urgent care. But I did improve, I actually feel well. And that’s terrifying, because it is very hard to plan for the future when I don’t know when I’ll have an “off day”.

I need to switch medical providers, one more task on the stack…

Yesterday I felt well in the morning, but after a short walk near Lake Merritt I felt my energy leave and my core muscles ached and I felt the stinging pain. Not sure what to do, I resolved to go to Urgent Care as suggested.

About 2 hours ago I was denied medical care at the Urgent Care they referred me to. When asked why I was there, I explained, “I have an ongoing condition that is causing me a lot of pain, it is getting too difficult to walk or even stand sometimes, my muscles are having spasms from the pain and I have to catch my breath a lot.”

And they asked, “So you have shortness of breath?” To which I replied, “Sure, yeah, if I just stand up I kinda gasp.”

To which they informed me “shortness of breath” was a symptom which prohibited me from being received. I explained I didn’t have any flu symptoms, it was from pain, and they said they would go to the clinic (the check in is in a different place) and ask if they would see me.

They walked back and ten minutes later said they would not see me due to “shortness of breath”. I pleaded with them, that it was a miscommunication, I did not claim to how shortness of breath, I was in pain and needed to see someone, and asked if they would go to the clinic and explain my actual symptoms. And they said, “No, I’m not walking back there again.”

I’m too sick to be as angry as I think this makes me. It’s too much energy to put forth.

I’ve switched medical providers, and have new urgent care facilities to go to. I also have created a formal complaint with my medical insurer. Right now I just want to take a nap.


I use “contexts” to structure my tasks (Learning Taskwarrior, one dream at a time - #35 by maiki - Science and Technology - talkgroup), and I’m adding health related tasks to my “work” context. Because healing is part of my job.

Today I’m going through the medical portal from my former clinic and ensuring I have all the data present, as well as seeing about exporting/transferring to new provider. This is one of the reasons I’m keeping this log, so I have timestamps and someone is paying attention to the events happening to me…

As for health, I think the antibiotics are working on the infection, but I also think something an RN once told me: my epididymis has stretching trauma, and I need to support it close to my body and not move, as when I do it causes pain which is clenching up my muscles from just below my ribs down to my knee (on the inside of my leg).

Last night I meditated and massaged strained muscles, and also experimented with sleeping positions, all of which I believe jostle my epididymis and cause trauma while I’m sleeping… so I laid on my back and my legs pressed closed, and put a weighted blanket over me to hold me in place.

I woke up with less sore muscles, and so far I’ve been walking slow, actually kinda limping as I feel what’s happening and compensate. To be honestly this is a lot easier at home, where I can just hold myself, but walking outside in public may not be in my immediate future…

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If I remember the characters and order, I can figure out the spelling. And this one is easy! The first half is the sound I make when I stand up, and the second half is the immediate question after the first part…

Took yesterday easy, taking today easy, feel lingering soreness but not an increase in pain.

Basically yesterday I just sat in one place all day, on the laptop and phone. And that worked, if very boring and at times pointless. But that is healing for ya… :grimacing:

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Had a rough night sleeping from being in the same position all day and then all night, but physically I have very little discomfort this morning. Two more days of antibiotics and then a whole lot of sitting and healing until I can walk without risk of further trauma…

Took last antibiotics last night. I’m going to continue to take it easy, minimal movement/walking, for a while longer. I can’t say, but I know I have to do it well past when I’m feeling without pain, because I have very little control over what is happening, so I can at least control how I’m using my body.

I don’t want to do this for another round, I want to heal and be done with this. :grimacing:

Feeling not too bad today. Just the barest sense of soreness. And I’m not moving today! That means no neighborhood strolls, not even pacing the room… such activities are too much, until I’ve no soreness left, and then some, to ensure I am fully healed.

Feeling pretty good these days, though still an ever bit of soreness. As a reminder: stay put, don’t move too much, just heal up.

This morning the manager of the urgent care facility that turned me away called; our call was disconnected several times, but not before I was able to share my email address. They would like to resolve this, so I will give them an account of what happened directly. I suppose I could just point them to: