Have you *seen* Trader Joe's? 🔍

Trader Joe’s is one of our grocery stores, and because I travel to different parts of California and don’t eat meat or fast food, it is also a “safe” place for us to get provisions.

For this reason I’ve very critical of Trader Joe’s, as I am of all my primary food sources.

But this topic is for sharing the weird stuff at Trader Joe’s! And wow, is there a lot!

Have you seen Trader Joe’s? :mag:

This screams “Harry Potter” to me.

That says “Imperial Star Fucker”, but the star trek font and the curve of the can makes it really difficult to read.

Bold move!

Trader Joe’s naming mad-lib, I need:

  • Adjective
  • Food item
  • Noun
  • Snack flavor
  • Shape

And we get…

Just… let that sink in…

It reads like a fun, summertime strain of cannabis! :watermelon: :maple_leaf:

It looks and tastes like watermelon left out to dry in the sun, so… there’s that. :slight_smile: