Glimpse, graphics editor

I forgot to mention I used Glimpse ( for the graphic design, a simplified fork of GNU Image Manipulation Program.

However, looking up the website for the program, I see:

We would like to thank everyone that has supported our project over the last two years. This blog post lays out the current status of our project, the reasons behind it, and what the future holds for Glimpse Image Editor.

It notes the codebase is archived for the time being. But also:

Existing and new installations should not be impacted by recent changes. If you have installed Glimpse as a Flatpak or Snap on Linux, the software is sandboxed from the rest of the system, so unless you want the features in newer releases of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, there is nothing preventing you from continuing to use Glimpse for as long as you wish.

I guess I’ll continue to use it for now, with an eye for using GNU Image Manipulation Program (see why a name change would be great?) or another similar program. :thinking: