Fountain pens

Yesterday we went on a supply run to Flax ( , I was low on notebooks. Clover got some stickers and @susan got some paint.

We spoke with the pen expert (Jane) and I wrote with a $900 pen (I wasn’t blown away, but the paper I was writing on was a bit rough as well). I learned about piston filling pens, which are similar to the catridge-convertor I use in my pen, but with larger reservoirs as they use the pen’s body to hold the ink.

Given my LAMY demonstrator pen (clear plastic), I got a recommendation for a pen they didn’t carry at Flax (the company producing the pens has a selling structure that benefits online sales and raises store-prices) called a “Twsbi Eco” (TWSBI ECO Black Fountain Pen | TWSBI):

At ~$35 that seems like a decent entry point for piston-filled pens… :thinking:

Still thinking about a gold nib, but I’m not sure I write on paper that would benefit from it.

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i got a twsbi pen from ! i asked for them at flax the last time we were there together and got the response that they’re difficult to stock at brick n mortar stores. edit: i read again and you mention that in your post, in fact. lol A+ reading comprehension


I’m the kind of person that likes having a spare. I try to have very few things, but two of each. :slight_smile:

So that’s why I thought maybe I’d pick up a Twsbi Eco, because it seems to be similar to the Lamy I have, but I got to thinking… what if I love the piston-filled ink volume so much I don’t use my other pen anymore?

And I’m really glad I wrote this, um, “out loud”, because I am not actually attached to even the pen I have, in a sentimental sense. I could just give it to Clover! Or a stranger, provided I have my pen needs covered.

I think that’s why I hold back from getting a gold nib: I’m not good enough at capitalism to not care about a $125 nib. And I refuse to buy things to which I will form that kind of attachment. I’m grateful for fountain pens, not their friend. :slight_smile:

And that gives me a path forward: Twsbi is an affordable enough option to test as a toolset, and seems to have a more important quality than my current setup, the ability to hold more ink, hence less interruption with the work, the type of efficiency I appreciate in any tool.

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