Finding a therapist in the Bay Area

Okay, here’s the story so far, on May 7 I wrote (May 7, 2021 - Logs - talkgroup):

Today I called a place to speak with a therapist!


It was almost successful! The person onboarding me as a new patient, their headset was so crackly they couldn’t hear me, though I heard them fine. So they will have someone else call me back…

Well, turns out they never called me back, and then there are always things to distract me… so now I’m back to square one. And I have dentist and doctor appointments coming up and I was reminded there are still more parts of my being that need assistance healing.

Okay folks, how do I find a therapist? I live in Oakland, California. I have PTSD, am very sensitive (heightened senses), and would like to have someone to talk to aloud about how stressful some parts of my life are, and who is not @susanmagnolia.

Next step?!