February 2021

Continuing the discussion from January 2021:

We wasted no time in building a personal reference library! Thanks @susanmagnolia!

This month will be short, as I apparently didn’t take many photos. Most of them were of @susanmagnolia and Clover. :slight_smile:

Our balcony is exposed to the “outside”, where things like leaves and bits of plant blow about and land. Clover is there to organize all the nature droppings!

I can’t leave the house without these two finding dramatic backgrounds to pose in front of!

We got a P-EBT card for having a child! That stands for “Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer”. It is so we may transfer benefits… electronically… during the pandemic… for food… yeah. Naming things is hard.

Here is a video of a sculpture in Oakland that serves as a light show for the many apartments surrounding it, presumably when they leave at ground level or look down from their rooftop gardens. For those of us living in the desert of the real below, we take comfort in such sharp edges that make for pleasant resting areas…

Wow, I can’t believe the rock scenes in the Gardens at Lake Merritt have been there for about a year, now. I intend to capture “panoramic views” of all the mini-landscapes. :slight_smile:

And that was it for February 2021, according to my primary recording device at the time! I guess next time will be March.